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Applying Ekidnr to your home/office

CAUTION: Do not switch on any gas or electrical appliances. Do not smoke during or prior to airing the room/s.

Please ensure these initial steps are taken before using your Ekidnr.

  • Turn off all flames and pilot light/s, please ensure stove top is not in use or operation.
  • Do not use in a room smaller than 1.5m x1.5m. Instead, rather let the fog from another room drift into this room
  • Do not use more than one canister per room.
  • Not taking these necessary precautions may cause the product to combust and explode which may result in damage to your property or injury to yourself.
  • Close outside doors and windows.
  • Ensure that any food is removed or covered including dishes, food processing equipment and utensils.
  • Remove pets and cover any fish aquarium as well as turning off filter.

Step 1.

Close all windows and doors completely.

Step 2.

Shake the Ekidnr canister vigorously for 30 seconds.

Step 3.

Place the canister upright in a centralised location on the floor of the room and depress the dispenser until it locks into place then exit immediately and close door behind you.

Step 4.

Allow approximately 5 minutes for the can to disperse completely (wait a further 15 minutes for the mist to settle before re-entering the room).

Step 5.

Open all windows and doors for 30 minutes ensuring mist has dispelled prior to reconnecting any gas or electrical equipment.

Step 6.

Wipe surfaces to remove any residue that may remain, once complete, you may enter the room and use as per normal.